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  • Best price guaranteed!
  • Secure environment for your credit card information.
  • We care about the privacy of your personal data.
  • Please check the cancellation policy at the time of booking to cancel without penalty.
  • To cancel your reservation, please see your confirmation email.
  • To change your dates or other details of your reservation, please contact the hotel.
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Here are some of the reasons we offer to trust us by booking through our website:


Best price and exclusive tariffs on our website

We guarantee you won't find lower prices on any other website.


Real time availability

For all rooms in all our hotels and immediate booking confirmation.


Security in your transaction

We use a security protocol with the highest standards.


Privacy Policy

We care about the privacy of your personal data are not used if you tell us your desire so.


Booking confirmation by e-mail / SMS

You will receive an email confirmation with the reservation by e-mail and, if you wish to, also by sms on your mobile phone.


Cancellation of booking

To cancel your reservation you can use the link on your email confirmation and cancel your reservation easily, if your cancellation policy allows you to.


Modification of booking

You can change your dates or other details of your reservation through the confirmation email, or please contact us.

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